Pools (LP)

Strings: Fiona Brice, Richard George, Lucy Wilkins, Reiad Chibah, Tony Woollard, Steve Rossell
Piano: Chris Green Armytage (“The Wooden King”), Jim Perkins (“Enfolding”, “Pools”)
Vocals: Will Arundell (“Outside In”) (, Joanna Forbes L’Estrange (“Outside In, A Ritual for Saying Goodbye, Pools”)
Synthesizer: Jim Perkins (“Enfolding, Pools”)
Clarinets: Katy Ayling (“Held)

All music written, recorded and produced by Jim Perkins,
Mixed and mastered by Martyn Heyne
Additional Vocal Recording by Alexander L’Estrange

Artwork by Sabatina Leccia

Released on bigo & twigetti on October 3, 2019.