Pools Re-works (EP)

An EP of reworks from B&T label mates & new collaborators.

The EP explores different approaches to re-interpretation from the layering and manipulation of the original clarinet recordings from Held on Holographic Field's rework through paired down piano in Marika Takeuchi's Enfolding and on to the stunning interpretation of The Wooden King for harp and electronics by Floraleda Sacchi. The final track by Night Gestalt disintegrates the filtered voices on A Ritual for Saying Goodbye through waves of distortion, bass and synths. The result is a stunning and engaging set of interpretations which add new dimensions to the original compositions.

All tracks arranged, and mixed by reworking artists
1,2,4 Mastered by Ben Wiffen
Artwork by Sabatina Leccia

Released on bigo & twigetti on May 12, 2020.