Grains (LP)

The pieces are track-listed in chronological order and represent the past four years of a London-based composers life. The album features four solo piano pieces and five pieces for piano and electronics, each with their own unique musical identity. Grains displays a meticulous approach to composition and painstaking studio production, weaving together delicate piano textures, cut and paste editing, powerful percussive and rhythmic textures and electronic manipulation to create a work both subtle and powerful.

Grains draws on influences from composers Chopin, Satie, Messiaen, Debussy, Feldman, Ligeti and from minimalism and spectralism. It combines these influences with experimental production techniques similar to those used by the artists Aphex Twin, The Books and Matmos.

'An album of stately elegance’ - The Silent Ballet

‘An incredibly striking record’ - CMU Music Weekly

'Cinematic and bold, mesmerizing and hopeful’ - Ryan’s Smashing life

Released on bigo & twigetti on January 31, 2011

Concept and design: Jim Perkins
Photography and layout: Adam Shelton